About Us

There is nothing more satisfying in this life than the ultimate dining experience; the perfect blend of quality food, impeccable service, clever decor and an ambient atmosphere create the most memorable event.

This passion for great dining experiences brought us together and has taken us to over 30 countries, where we’ve indulged in the best dining experiences on offer; from Hatted restaurants in Sydney to small, dimly lit cafes in the back streets of Paris. Our focus was and will always be on the entire experience and what makes it so worthwhile.

With a total of 15 years hospitality experience in the Food and Beverage industry, backgrounds in customer service, retail management, cafe management and operations, a Bachelor Degree in Business, as well as a Diploma of Hospitality, we delve into the “ins and outs” of what it is that makes the best dining experience possible and offer insightful solutions that you and your business will benefit from.

Why? For the love of food.